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At Crooked Tree Lodge, we don't just brag about what we have to offer, we encourage you to speak with those who have been here. The list below contains clients who have been successful and unsuccessful on hunts and will give you an honest representation of what you can expect when you come to Crooked Tree Lodge. Please take the time to contact them and speak with them about their experience!

From John Home - Sept. 30 2013

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Stephanie and Denny-
Josh and I would like to thank you once again for another great hunt and two fine bears. Guess that's three hunts for me, two for Josh and 5 bears. Between us we have 3 - 250 lbs, 1 - 300lbs and 1 - 400lbs. All with dogs and not bad considering the two hunters you had to deal with.
Two things strike me when I think of our time at Crooked Tree:
1.Stephanie and Diane's cooking - I'd fly up there just for the food and good company.
2.Professionalism of the hunt - need to elaborate a bit:
Denny and Jamie clearly have the kind of knowledge and years of experience to make it happen for guys like us in the woods,
Consistency- Without fail, when Denny says something will happen it happens. No BS here, just the facts. Sure it is in the woods with many variable conditions but there is is never an unhappy surprise
Intensity- I get the feeling Denny could care less about selling someone a hunt. He likes to run bears and does so everyday and every bear with great vigor until you are on it. Best guy to hunt with is one that likes hunting more than you.
So we are into driving rain on Monday - Collared Bear in a tree.
On and off rain on tuesday - Josh's 400 pounder taken at about 3pm after a full day of trailing and a few mistakes on our part (thanks for never giving up on us) Extremely wet ground conditions Wed and Thursday - Tim's 375lb bear and my 250lb. Not sure how that was all possible given the weather but it did.
So, I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts. These are not just hunts for a 67 year old Father. These are memories and stories that will remain in my family for a long time.
Best regards,
John Home
Beaumont, Texas
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