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Bear Hunting with Hounds

Season Dates: September 11 - October 27
Bear hunting with hounds has a very high rate of success. We are 100% for most years and have been for the last seven years in a row. We like to keep this hunt on a personal level and accomplish this by guiding only three hunters per week, per guide.

The average weight of these bears are 250-300lb each year. We accomplish this by using trail cameras on most of our baits, so we know what size bear we're running, even before we put the dogs out. Each year we will catch several bear in the 400-500lb class. We had one hunter that killed 1,000lb of bear, for the combined weights of his 2006 and 2007 bear.

The hounds that we use for these hunts are hunted on bear eight to nine months a year. We start in North Carolina in late March or early April and go into July for the spring training season. We come back to Maine for the August training season and then go into the hunting season until the end of October. We then go back to North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia for their hunting seasons. We'll stay there until Christmas or early January. As you can see, by the end of the season, these hounds have seen many, many bear. Some of these hounds will see as many bears in one year as hounds that are only hunted in Maine will see in a lifetime. Again, please call hunters on the Reference List and let them tell you what we can do.

Bear Hound Hunts are priced according to your group please contact us for pricing