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Welcome to Crooked Tree Lodge & Camp's home on the Web! Crooked Tree Lodge is the outdoors person's one stop place for Maine Black Bear Hunting featuring Black Bear Hunting with Bait as well as Black Bear Hunting with Hounds! Crooked Tree is Maine's premier Black Bear Hunting Outfitter! Baiting Black Bear in Maine and Moose Hunting are also offered here at Crooked Tree Lodge!


Bear Hunting in Maine with Crooked Tree Lodge takes place in the North Maine Woods territory. For more information on The North Maine Woods and the gate fee to enter the territory, please click here.

Hunting Black Bear with Hounds

If you're looking for the most exciting bear hunt of a lifetime, our bear hunts with hounds put you up close and personal with the big bruins that the North Maine Woods holds! Click here for more information on Bear Hunting with Hounds in Maine!

Moose Hunting

Should you hit the lottery and draw the coveted Maine Moose Hunting Tag, our direct access to the North Maine Woods areas can provide you the opportunity at that Trophy of a Lifetime! Contact Us for more information about our Moose Hunts.

Hunt of a Lifetime

No where in the country can you find a bear population that beats the quality and quantity found in the North Maine Wood's.


Don't take our word for it though...Dozens of references are available here for you to speak with regarding the hunt at Crooked Tree Lodge. Click here for a list of References.


Our operations at Crooked Tree are managed by Karl "Boomer" Nott of Big Boom's Northern Maine Adventures. With this management structure, we're able to run bait season through all 4 weeks, and maintain our 100% success rates on the hound hunts with Bill and Denny and the rest of the crew who helps out during the hound hunts.

Bill and Stephanie Tobey
P.O. Box 203, Portage, ME 04768
(207) 435-6413
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